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Who We Are

We provide a quality education through shared responsibility in a safe, supportive environment for all students to meet the needs of a global society. We are committed to excellence.

NPFE Mission

NPFE acts as a portal to educational reform in high-need areas and offers a new educational paradigm evident by increased student achievement, fiscal responsibility, and community support.


  • Increased educational attainment 
  • Higher graduation rates 
  • Closing achievement gap 
  • Systemic change 
  • Better prepared workforce
  • Better prepared world-class city

NPFE History

NPFE has demonstrated consistent success, year after year, in increasing academic achievement for students, regardless of racial, economic, English language, special education, or gender status. We scaled slowly to create an instructional model that would improve academic outcomes for our students. Year after year, we have fine tuned our model to produce consistent results.


Our Students

Our network serves majority Black and Brown students, and our students are 92% Black, 6% Latino, and 2% other races. Over 73% of our students are low-income. NPFE provides bilingual services and English as a Second Language in-school supports to support our growing Latinx student community. 

"NPFE has the awesome privilege and responsibility to ensure all our kids are being properly prepared both academically and socio-emotionally to go out into the world and have success in college and in life."

RaLPH BLAND, CEO, New Paradigm for education



"What makes them unique is their sincere love and commitment to each child and family...NPFE is an exemplar in what it means to serve the Whole Child."

Darryl Cobb, Partner, Charter schools growth fund